Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer is passionate about Christians and churches becoming generous agents of loving influence in a secular culture. A church-planting pastor, researcher, college professor, and author of a dozen books and hundreds of articles, Ed is also a contributing editor for Christianity Today, columnist for Outreach Magazine, and is frequently cited or interviewed in news outlets such as USAToday and CNN.



Brian Kluth

Brian Kluth is one of the world’s leading Christian speakers and writers on generosity, God’s provisions, and legacy living. Pastor Brian delights in testifying and challenging Christians about how God blesses hearts and actions that are motivated by generosity. His books and materials have over 650,000 copies in print and have been translated into over 40 languages.



David Ferguson

David Ferguson’s passions are relational ministry and “doing Scripture together.” A leader and influencer across denominations, speaker, and author, David emphasizes that beyond teaching what Truth is in doctrinal (correct belief) and behavioral (correct action) terms, the church must reach our secular culture by modeling truth relationally – generous love in action. “Startle them with love!” is David’s theme.

Other Speakers:


Connie LeLaCheur

Connie LeLaCheur experienced an abusive childhood. Upon accepting Christ at age 17, Connie walked into the joy of receiving and also extending to others Christ’s healing grace and comfort. Her heart is driven with generosity to help people, especially women who have experienced heartbreak, to discover completeness, passion for life, and purpose in Christ.


Barbara Bach

Barbara Bach has been in ministry with her husband, President Randall Bach, for over 40 years. She has a heart for women and is widely recognized as a caring, “safe person” with whom women can talk and share their burdens. She has more recently claimed the mantle of Open Bible Grandma as she regularly prays for many expectant mothers in Open Bible Churches.

David Murrow_300x300

David Murrow

David Murrow is not a pastor. He is “just a guy in the pews” who noticed a disturbing trend: churches are losing their men and boys. So he wrote a book titled Why Men Hate Going to Church, which became an instant Christian bestseller. David’s passion emanates from a heart to generously help churches reconnect with men and boys.


President Randall Bach

President Randall Bach has served Open Bible Churches in various leadership capacities for over 40 years and is completing his sixth year as president. He has a passion for excellence, which he views as a vital expression of worship. Randall also delights in helping Open Bible’s global, national, and regional ministries collaborate for maximum missional effectiveness.


Daniel Powell

Dan Powell is a CPA as well as pastor of Calvary Open Bible Church, in Dayton, Ohio. He is passionate about helping churches strive for fruitfulness in all aspects of ministry and excellence in administration. Dan believes, and practices as a pastor, that leaders of churches should resource each other as they confront contemporary issues and challenges.


Frank Contreras and Raul Escalante

Pastors Raul Escalante and Frank Contreras lead East and West Sectors, respectively, of Open Bible Hispanic Ministries. They have a vision to reach the fast-growing Hispanic population of the United States. Raul and Frank pastor in Florida and California, and along with their leadership councils, are identifying cities where there need to be Spanish speaking Open Bible churches.


Christi Hendrickson

Christi Hendrickson is the Discipleship Pastor at Open Bible Christian Center in Rapid City, South Dakota, and delights in helping people pursue and discover their purpose in life as followers of Jesus. A former high school English teacher and newspaper editor, Christi’s heart to generously bless others is a distinctive mark upon her life and relationships.


Secretary/Treasurer Teri Beyer

Teri Beyer has served as Secretary/Treasurer for Open Bible Churches since 1997 and will retire at the end of June, 2017. However, she shall continue to provide legal counsel to Open Bible Churches. Teri was previously in private practice of law for six years, In addition, she has been a teacher at both the high school and college levels and worked as a Spanish translator.


Chaplain (Col) Terry Meek (ret)

Chaplain (Col) Terry Meek (ret) is director of Open Bible’s Chaplains Ministries. He was commissioned as a United States Army Chaplain in June of 1986. Besides service in the Marines and Navy, Terry served for more than 27 years in the Army, including tours of duty in Iraq. He has a combined total of 36 years and 5 months in Active and Reserve service. Terry has received numerous awards. He was a two-time Bronze Star recipient and a two-time Legion of Merit recipient.

Breakout Sessions: