Gener(us) Dinners

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A fun feature of Gener(us) 2017, our Open Bible national convention in Palm Springs, California, will be Gener(us) Dinners. A number of convention registrants will be gifted a free dinner for the last evening of the convention. The gift dinners at attractive restaurants in the Palm Springs area will allow the recipient to invite another couple or family as guests for that evening – extended generosity expressed in fellowship!

Would you like to be a blessing to two couples or families at convention?

Whether or not you are personally at convention you will be an agent of generosity and blessing to someone else. You might even want to sponsor multiple dinners. Each Gener(us) Dinner sponsorship costs $200. Names of gift recipients will be selected by a random drawing. Who knows? If you are at convention you might also receive a gift of dinner as well!

To participate in this fun act of generosity, go here!