David Ferguson

Dr. David Ferguson serves as the executive director for several U.S. and global initiatives focused on Great Commission living empowered by Great Commandment love. In the faith community, the Great Commandment Network serves more than 20 denominations and para-church ministries through pastoral care, training strategies, and resource development. Dr. Ferguson has served on various national and international initiatives and boards, including the Awakening America Alliance Cabinet, Empowered 21 Global and U.S. Cabinets, Garden Tomb Council in Jerusalem/London, The Marriage CoMission U.S. Steering Committee, The Fatherhood CoMission, NextGen Imperative and the Relational Values Alliance. Dr. Ferguson and his wife, Teresa, are co-founders of the Center for Relational Leadership and have conducted training and coaching events for leaders from more than 50 countries. They have three adult children, seven special grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. They reside in Austin, Texas.